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Current Detours

Current Detours

All routes starting at the Transit Center: From SW 15th and Miller: East on 15th to Penn. North on Penn to Exchange. NE on Exchange to SW 3rd.  East on 3rd  to Western. North on Western to NW 4th. East on 4th to the Transit Center

Route 008 Outbound: Regular route to NW 4th and Douglas. North on Douglas to NW 5th. West on 5th to Blackwelder. South on Blackwelder to NW 3rd. West on 3rd and resume regular route. Reverse on the inbound.  (When workers are present)

Route 011 Outbound: Regular route to Robinson and OKC Blvd. West on OKC Blvd. to Walker. South on Walker to SW 11th. East on 11th to Robinson and resume regular route. Reverse on the inbound.

Route 013 and 016 Inbound Only: Regular route to SW 3rd and Lee. North on Lee to The Oklahoma Boulevard. East on OK BLVD.  to Walker. North on Walker and resume route

Route 015 Inbound Only: Westbound from I-40. Exit 151A at Oklahoma City Boulevard. West to EK Gaylord, North on Gaylord to Sheridan, West on Sheridan to Robinson and resume regular route.

Route 016 Outbound: Regular route to Reno and Western. Continue west to Kline. South on Kline to Exchange and resume regular route.

Route 024 Outbound PM Only (Permanent Detour): From the Transit Center: South on Hudson to SW 3rd. East to Shields. South on Shields to I-35 and resume regular route.

Route 050 Outbound Only: Regular route to Broadway and RS Kerr. West on RS Kerr to Robinson. South on Robinson to Main. East on Main to Broadway and resume regular route. 



Route Detour 121 Inbound: Regular route to Peters and Tonhawa. West on Tonhawa to Jones. South on Jones to Main St. East on Main St. to Peters. South on Peters and resume regular route.

* Now servicing stops at Porter/Rich, New Library, Flood/Acers, Berry/Denison, Berry/Dorchester.

* No longer servicing stop at Robinson/Berry.

Route Detour 121 Outbound: Regular route to Findlay/Gray. Turn West on Gray to Ponca. North on Ponca to Hughbert. East on Hughbert to Findlay. North on Findlay and resume regular route.

Route 024 AM and PM: Regular route to Lincoln and NE 21th. Continue South on Lincoln to NE 18th. West on 18th To Stiles and resume route. 

Route Detour 111 Outbound: Regular route to Beaumont/Vicksburg. Continue SE on Beaumont to Beaumont Dr. Go East on Beaumont Dr. to 24th Ave SE. Turn North on 24th Ave SE to Alameda. Turn West on Alameda and resume regular route at Alameda/Vicksburg stop.

Detours posted: 8/7/2020

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